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Carpal Tunnel Treatment with our Duluth Chiropractor

Our Duluth chiropractor examines your wrist to determine if there is a nerve interruption and applies chiropractic treatments to ease the pain of carpal tunnel. If you live in or near the Duluth area, our health staff invites you to Associated Chiropractic Physicians for holistic carpal tunnel treatment.

Carpal Tunnel

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition in which the median nerve, that supplies signals to the hand, is being interrupted. If this occurs in the carpal tunnel, which it passes through by way of the hand to the wrist, you have carpal tunnel syndrome. Typically, the interruption happens from swelling, which compresses the tunnel onto the nerve.

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include:

  • Pain in your wrist, hand or fingers
  • A tingling or burning sensation in your wrist, hand or fingers
  • Weakness in your grip
  • Swollen fingers
  • Pain that radiates up your arm or into your shoulder

The wrist pain accompanying carpal tunnel syndrome may be worse in the morning or gradually increase throughout the day. Dr. Torgrimson uses natural chiropractic treatments to ease carpal tunnel symptoms.

Chiropractic Treatment for Carpal Tunnel

Dr. Torgrimson evaluates symptoms of carpal tunnel and listens to the descriptions of your activities to determine if you are dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome. He then puts together a chiropractic care plan to eliminate your wrist pain and improve the overall function of your wrist and hand.

Dr. Torgrimson uses chiropractic techniques such as:

  • Gentle chiropractic adjustments manually position the wrist to eliminate pressure on the median nerve. This also helps to reduce inflammation surrounding the carpal tunnel.
  • Ergonomics help reduce carpal tunnel symptoms and flareups. Our ergonomics suggestions help position the wrists while at work and at play in a way that eliminates pain. Since carpal tunnel syndrome may be the result of repetitive movements or poor ergonomics, Dr. Torgrimson uses a healing approach that addresses your body mechanics and the set-up of your workstation.
  • Small lifestyle changes make a big impact on reducing symptoms and helping the recovery process.

Contact us for Chiropractic Care for Wrist Pain in Duluth

Before you result in invasive measures to alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome or take medications to mask symptoms, we encourage you to visit Associated Chiropractic Physicians to learn about our natural approach. Wrist pain and hand weakness do not have to become your new normal. Dr. Torgrimson uses natural chiropractic methods to alleviate your current symptoms and prevent future pain episodes.

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