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Safe, Effective Sciatica Treatment in Duluth

If low back pain, leg pain and other debilitating symptoms seem to attack you from out of nowhere and last for weeks at a time, then you may be one of the many unlucky individuals suffering from sciatica. This nagging problem, which stems from dysfunction in the body's largest nerve, can affect lower body comfort, strength and balance on a chronic basis. But don't despair -- you can enjoy sciatica relief without having to submit yourself for major surgery or drug yourself with painkillers. That's because Associated Chiropractic Physicians provides safe, effective sciatica treatment in Duluth through natural, non-pharmaceutical conservative care.

Associated Chiropractic Physicians

Why You Experience Sciatica Symptoms

The sciatic nerve is a massive nerve that serves as the main conduit for all nerve signals passing back and forth between the spinal cord and the leg. As it extends from major nerve roots in the lower spinal column through the hip, leg and foot, it branches out into countless smaller nerves that relay sensations and motor commands. When this big nerve is pinched, any of its subsidiary nerves may malfunction as well. Common sciatica symptoms that cause patients to visit our chiropractor in Duluth include:

  • Shooting pain or aching down the back of the leg
  • Hip or buttock pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Numbness or "pins and needles" sensations in parts of the leg or foot
  • Muscle weakness or loss of muscular control in the affected extremity

Sciatica sometimes occurs as the result of an acute injury, such as an auto accident that throws the lumbar spine out of alignment and causes herniated discs to compress the sciatic nerve roots. But it may also come and go in recurring bouts for no obvious reason, becoming especially troublesome in middle age. These chronic cases may be the result of a spinal misalignment, possibly worsened by weak lower back muscles or poor posture. Degenerative disc disease and other age-related spinal issues can also cause sciatica. Sometimes muscle spasms near the sciatic nerve can compress the nerve directly.

Sciatica Relief via Chiropractic Care in Duluth

Whatever the cause of your sciatica may be, you'll be glad to know that chiropractic care in Duluth can help provide prompt, all-natural relief. Our Duluth chiropractor, Dr. Torgrimson, can determine what's causing the nerve or nerve root compression, administering targeted adjustments to normalize your spinal alignment and disc position. This takes the pressure off of sciatic nerve roots. If lack of lower back weakness and muscle spasms play a role in your sciatica symptoms, our chiropractor in Duluth can prescribe corrective exercises to ease those spasms and help you enjoy better lower back support.

Get Sciatica Relief in Duluth

Get your sciatica under control -- instead of letting it control you. Call Associated Chiropractic Physicians today to schedule natural sciatica relief from our Duluth chiropractor. We have the necessary skills, experience and techniques to help you strike back against sciatica symptoms!

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