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Weight Loss Help From Your Duluth Chiropractor

At Associated Chiropractic Physicians, we offer a full range of services designed to not only help you recover from injuries, but to ensure you live the healthiest life you can. Maintaining a healthy body weight is an important component of overall health, which is why we offer nutritional counseling, weight loss services and weight loss tips to help you achieve your ideal weight. We are not only your Duluth chiropractor, we are also your team for weight loss in Duluth!

Associated Chiropractic Physicians

The Importance of a Healthy Body Weight

If you have seen any news programs lately about health in the U.S., you are aware of what a problem obesity has become. Obesity has become an epidemic, leading to poor health not only in adults but children as well – and ultimately causing a variety of diseases that shorten lifespan and make life much more difficult than it should be. Problems ranging from type 2 diabetes to heart disease, cancer to joint degeneration, are directly linked to being overweight.

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for your overall health. The better you can maintain your weight, the more you reduce your risk of disease and improve your overall experience – with increased energy, better focus, improved mood and a variety of other benefits.

Associated Chiropractic Physicians

How Your Chiropractor in Duluth Can Help You Lose Weight

It is easy to understand the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight, but it is can be surprisingly difficult to actually lose the weight. If you are overweight, you may have spent years accumulating unhealthy eating habits – habits that are not necessarily easy to break. That is why it can be so helpful to have assistance on your weight loss journey. As your chiropractor in Duluth, we can provide weight loss tips and assist you in several different ways, including:

Nutritional Counseling

Few people realize what proper nutrition really is. A lifetime of food marketing, fast food and processed foods doesn’t help. Our team can give you solid, scientifically-based nutritional counseling to help you learn what you should be eating – the foods that will help you achieve optimal health. We can guide you towards a balanced diet, help you differentiate the healthy carbs from the unhealthy ones, advise you on how to stay hydrated and more.

Fitness Instruction

Regular exercise is a major part of maintaining a healthy weight. But it can be hard to get an exercise program off the ground, especially if you are overweight. We can help you design a gentle, effective program that you can start right now. We can also advise you on how to do exercises correctly to avoid injury as you build up your strength.

NuLean Weight Loss and Total Body Transformation System

We are proud to offer a proven system to help you jump start your weight loss journey. NuLean can help you lose weight faster and keep it off, while detoxing your body.

Nutrition Tips from our Duluth Chiropractor

Our bodies are meant to be lean, active, and healthy, but in today's modern world of fast food and technology, it can be a bit challenging to maintain this state of living. Our chiropractor in Duluth, Dr. Togrimson, is honored to provide his community with holistic nutritional counseling as well as sustainable and effective weight loss tips.

How Good Nutrition Benefits You Now & In the Future

Eating healthy foods is always a wise investment in your health. The daily choice to eat well and mindfully will help you:

  • Get the energy and nutrients you need to work out and recover
  • Maintain strong muscles and bones
  • Prolong your life and reduce your risk for chronic illness and injuries
  • Manage any other underlying health conditions
  • Lose excess body fat, the presence of which is correlated with increased mortality rates, decreased quality of life, and higher risks of illness and disease

Top Nutrition & Weight Loss Tips from Our Duluth Chiropractor

While there are no one-size-fits-all when it comes to nutrition and nutritional counseling services, our Duluth chiropractor can offer a variety of weight loss tips which may help you and your loved ones:

  1. Drink water. Water helps maintain a healthy metabolism and promote weight loss (especially since we often eat when we're actually just feeling thirsty instead!).
  2. Drink water. Yes, we repeated this on purpose—it's that important!
  3. Eat enough to support physical activity and lean strong muscles—no more, no less. Getting daily exercise is key to your weight loss journey, but if you're not eating enough to support your increased calorie expenditure then your strength gains and fat loss rate may decrease. On the other hand, if you overeat, your body will tend to store excess calories as fat.
  4. Eat regular, balanced meals. While intermittent fasting can be beneficial in certain cases (and should always be overseen by a medical professional), the people who tend to be the most successful long-term with their weight loss are the ones who eat regular meals, snack minimally, and get the bulk of their calories from lean protein, healthy fats, and complex, non-processed carbohydrates (i.e., vegetables and some fruit).
  5. Consider adding supplements like herbs, vitamins, and minerals to your diet. A lot of the food we eat has traveled long and far to get to our grocery shelves, and if conventionally grown they may be lacking in vital nutrients. Our Duluth chiropractor can offer you helpful suggestions for specific supplements which may benefit you.
  6. See your nutrition habits as a lifestyle choice, not a diet. "Diets" suggest short-term solutions and tend to lead to imbalances in nutritional profiles and frustrating yo-yoing cycles of weight gain and loss. If you learn to see your healthy eating as a lifestyle habit and not a "crash course" in weight loss, you'll be more likely to maintain your success as well as enjoy a psychologically healthier relationship with food.

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