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Nutritional Counseling in Duluth

As your Duluth chiropractor, we want you to lead a healthy, fulfilling life. While chiropractic care can help greatly with injuries, pain and overall function, without proper nutrition you will never live as optimally as possible. We offer nutritional counseling in Duluth that includes nutritional testing, weight loss tips and diet help that can ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need – while also losing excess weight.
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The Importance of Good Nutrition – From Your Chiropractor in Duluth

Good nutrition ensures that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to function at an optimal level. You must get all the vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and other nutrients necessary for your organs and cells to do their work as well as they possibly can. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to get good nutrition – especially through the modern western diet.

Getting Good Nutrition

Ideally, you should be eating a balanced diet that consists of healthy foods, including fruits, vegetables, complex carbs, lean proteins and healthy fats. By eating a complete diet, you can obtain most of the nutrients your body needs. However, it may be beneficial to take additional supplements to ensure that you are getting all the nutrients you require.

Of course, if you have done any research on healthy eating and/or supplements, you have probably discovered just how confusing it can be. There is a lot – an endless supply, it seems – of information out there, and a lot of it is conflicting. For the average person, it can be so overwhelming that they give up and just go back to eating the way they were before.

As your Duluth chiropractor, we are trained in nutrition and are well-equipped to guide you through your journey towards optimal health. We can examine your current eating habits and supplementation, identify areas for improvement, and build you a plan to take you from where you are now to where you want to go.

We are here to answer your questions, to advise you on how to eat as healthy as possible, and to show you which supplements are worth your money – and which are not.

Healthy Weight Loss

Even being a little overweight carries risks to your health. The more overweight you are, the more at risk you are of developing health problems – including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Fortunately, we can provide you with weight loss tips and diet help to assist you in losing weight.

It is important that you lose weight in a healthy way, while getting all the nutrients you need for your body to function well. Fad diets can be dangerous, which is why we encourage you to talk with us about losing weight so we can help you develop a healthy, effective plan.

Schedule an Appointment for Nutritional Counseling
Please give us a call at (218) 728-3686 to schedule your appointment for nutritional counseling and weight loss help. Our chiropractor in Duluth is standing by to assist you!