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We value our patients' experience at Associated Chiropractic Physicians. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.
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I liked how thorough they wereI have chronic headaches, back and neck pain. Actually, what brought me in was that I sprained my knee. Dr. Bob brought it to my attention that my neck was tilted, along with my back and pelvis. I liked how thorough they were and that they took x-rays. I’ve been to a few chiropractors that have never x-rayed me before. The staff is also great. They helped me with my neck, back, headaches and my knee. They also helped me with fatigue and helped me with my acne too.
Stacy N.
I have never felt better!I was referred to Associated Chiropractic by my former supervisor. I was suffering with a pinched nerve in my neck in late 2000. I went through the prescribed adjustments, exercises and therapies for the recommended amount of time & I’ve never felt better! I have continued to see Dr. Bob on a monthly basis since then. I have felt more total body healthfulness with Dr. Bob & his team in my corner. I can attest to having less colds during my years on maintenance.
Lisa B.
I have improved beyond my dreamsI have been in pain since about 1974, roughly 40 years. My original Drs. advised me that when the pain was severe enough to bring me to my knees, it would be time for a spinal lamectomy. I had no idea I could feel differently. Keep in mind that I have seen approximately a dozen Drs. in 40 years. Since March 2014, I have improved beyond my dreams with goals still to be met and I’m looking forward to the challenge. They helped me with the back pain, stability, stretching, and core work.
Sean T.
Improved Posture!For years I have had on and off again back and neck pain due to working as a CNA throughout high school and college. My posture was terrible and I would often come home from work stiff and sore. I’ve also suffered from sciatica in the past. I have been to other chiropractors who “patched me up”, but the pain always came back. Dr. Bob has relieved the majority of my back and neck pain and improved my posture. I’m looking forward to continuing my treatments at Associated Chiropractic!
Ali S..
Dr. Bob taught me to change my sleeping habitsI hurt my back on Christmas morning while bending down for a loaf of bread. I came in an got an exam and realized my entire spine and neck was out of wack! Dr. Bob fixed me up, taught me to change my sleeping habits and off I went. A year later, I fell and tweaked my lower back, shoulder, and hip. I came back in and started over! Healing was much faster this time and I’m getting stronger and going longer between adjustments with little to no pain!!! They helped me with stress relief, increasing strength, less headaches, healthier in general, more energy and better sleep.
Sarah S.
My quality of life has increased tremendouslyIn 1996, I was in a car accident that resulted in a neck injury. I went to a chiropractor for approximately 9 months. I now realize it was just temporary relief because it wasn’t corrected. Over the years, the stress in my life caused the neck pain to increase & move into my upper/mid back. I felt like I was unable to do my normal daily activities anymore and needed some help. I am now feeling much better & not only can I do my normal daily activities, but I am able to exercise again. My quality of life has increased tremendously!
Nicole K.
I’ve had scoliosis since I was little.I was able to correct it when I was younger, but it became weaker. My friend recommended me here to ACP and I decided to give it a try. After my evaluation I became aware of my needs and the story continues with me becoming stronger everyday!
Sarah B.
I can move my neck more. Without pain!I was referred to Associated Chiropractic through the Women's Expo. My neck was stiff and sore. With chiropractic and massage therapy, I can move my neck more and without pain. They helped me with my neck pain, range of motion in my neck, and changing my eating habits.
Linda E.
I feel like a new personDr. Bob has been adjusting me and giving me exercises to do at home for a few months. I feel like a new person. No pain, even after a long day at work.
Lindsey F.
I was in a car accident that changed my life.I went back to Dr. Bob and now I’m healthy! MS back under control too! I have decreased pain, increased energy level, and improved sleep.
I have always had jaw clicking on/off.Recently, my jaw issue progressed to pain on the left side and decreased my range of motion. After treatment, I have NO pain and have more range to open my mouth. Eating and oral care have also improved.
I have Lupus, and this clinic and staff have given me hope.I feel better than I have in a long time. My neck is better, my energy is higher, my vision is better, and my posture is so much better.
Laura D.
I came in for lower back pain.It’s my first time using a chiropractor, and so far it’s been good.
Dan M.
I am 80 years old with arthritis.Since seeing the doctor, I am now able to walk one to two miles everyday.
Joan A.
I injured my back while lifting weights to the point that I struggled to walk.The chiropractor was able to get me in quickly. After several weeks of rest and routine adjustments, I was able to walk normally. I continue to work toward full recovery and painless lifting.
Donald P.
I’m back to work nowI was so sore when I came here for therapy. The Dr. found things wrong with me that others never even knew I had. He worked with me and Success was happening. It was great. It kept getting better and better. I was able to sleep at night with no medication, which was super. He’s a GREAT Dr. I’m back to work now. Its Great and he’s Great. I would refer him to anybody. Thank you all.
Jeff O.
I feel wonderful!With school, work and other related stressors, I was beginning to have some tightness in my upper neck and shoulders. I wanted to improve my overall health and well-being. As a nurse working physically with my clients, I wanted to take a preventative route and be sure my body/mind were and will be healthy throughout my life. I had heard wonderful things about Associated Chiropractic in Kenwood and was eager to meet everyone! I feel wonderful! I have not had any issues since the beginning. My stress levels have decreased and I have not had any stiffness since. I also am getting therapeutic massage with Spencer, which is great.
Michelle T.