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Myths About Chiropractic Care

Over the last few decades, chiropractic therapy has become more widely accepted by the conventional medical community. Unfortunately, there are still some pervasive myths and misconceptions that affect the public’s view and understanding of chiropractic care. Often times, individuals are hesitant to seek out the help of a chiropractor because of these myths, and by doing so, they could be preventing themselves from getting more beneficial treatments for their conditions. 

Myth #1: Chiropractors do not undergo a significant amount of training

One of the most common misconceptions about chiropractors do not spend as much time training in comparison to traditional doctors and other health professionals. However, chiropractors typically complete 8 years of higher education before they are licensed. Chiropractors tend to have 4 years of undergraduate education, and often graduate with a pre-med major after having taken courses in sciences, such as biology, chemistry, psychology, and physics. They then attend a chiropractic graduate program. On average, these involve 4 years of education with a total of 4,200 instructional hours in course credits. Our Duluth chiropractor Robert Torgrimson attended Northwestern Health Sciences University in 1975 embarking upon a rigorous course of study including four years of intensive education after college.

Myth #2: Chiropractors only treat back pain

Though most widely known for treating spinal disorders, chiropractic services are used to resolve or manage a variety of health conditions for more than 35 million Americans annually, according to the American Chiropractic Association. Among many other ailments, chiropractic treatment is also useful for treating things such as headaches/migraines, stress, sports injuries, and carpal tunnel. Chiropractic physicians also provide preventative care to help establish healthy habits for individuals. For example, posture analysis can help identify posture habits that can greatly impact overall health, including energy levels, breathing, stress and sleep.

Myth #3: Chiropractic adjustments are dangerous (include conclusion in this one)

Chiropractic medicine is a natural and safe alternative to other treatments, including conventional pain management such as steroids, anti-inflammatory medication and surgery, which are associated with risks, side effects and complications. In fact, chiropractic services are less invasive than many other forms of medicine, and numerous studies have proven their safety and effectiveness for patients of all ages. Dr. Torgimson has over 30 years of chiropractic experience, and may be able to help you. If you feel like you might have a health issue that could be treated through chiropractic care, consider scheduling a consultation with your Duluth chiropractor at Associated Chiropractic Physicians. You can schedule an appointment with us today by calling (218) 728-3686, we look forward to assisting you!

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