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How Regular Chiropractic Adjustments Can Improve Your Health

There are many different ways in which regular chiropractic adjustments can positively affect your health and daily lifestyle. While the list can go on and on, we will focus on just a few of the various structural and physiological changes that occur in the body when you undergo regular chiropractic adjustments. 

One of the most beneficial aspects of chiropractic adjustments is that it can improve the range of motion in your joints. On a structural level, a chiropractic adjustment addresses spinal joints that are subluxated, which means that they are not moving through the full range of motion that is intended for that joint. When a joint is sublaxated, it also means that there is increased tension being put on muscles associated with the bones that are part of the joint. This additional decrease in motion can cause a decrease in ability of the muscle to function optimally. When the chiropractic adjustment is performed, the joint motions become increased or in some cases fully restored. The increase in muscle function results from a decrease in muscle tension, a repositioning of a muscle, or increased information from the brain. A chiropractic adjustment typically involves a quick thrust to the joint that helps restore the range of motion. 

There are also positive physiological effects that can occur as the result of receiving chiropractic adjustments. Physiological effects refer to the healthy, normal functioning of processes within the body. A physiological behavior of the body that adjustments address is the flow and function of the nervous system. The brain communicates to the entire body by sending messages down the spinal cord and through the nerves to every operating structure and organ within the body. These same parts of the body also send information back through the nerves and spine, to the brain. You essentially live your life through, and depend on the proper functionality of the nervous system, which is why it’s important to maintain it and keep it in good condition. When the spine is not moving and working properly, it is acceptable to think that the nervous system which is housed and protected within may become affected in a negative way. A chiropractic adjustment can once again restore the range of motion, which in turn will increase the overall health, and even more importantly, will improve the flow of the nervous system.

As previously mentioned, chiropractic adjustments can have an even greater impact on your health than you may realize. Increased joint motion, improved muscle function, decreased inflammation, and improved nervous system function make the effects even more noticeable and applicable to your daily life. If you feel as if you can benefit from regularly scheduled chiropractic care, we urge you to make an appointment with us. Our Duluth Chiropractor Robert Torgrimson has over 30 years of professional chiropractic experience. You can contact Associated Chiropractic Physicians at (218) 728-3686, we look forward to helping you!

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